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Don’t even bother signing up for a free membership.And definitely don’t give them your hard earned money.Every year a large number of people fall victim to online dating scams.You may be reading this thinking “I'll never fall for one of those scams” but many people are already becoming a victim without even realising it.All 5 of the recommended singles sites have a reasonable male to female ratio.

Overall, the main focus was on setting up dates because, well…that’s why you sign-up for an online dating site.Whether you’re a gay man, straight man, straight woman, or (our favorite! We followed a methodical process on each site, even if we hated it…) lesbian, you most definitely can find your match on any of the 5 best dating sites for singles. Prior to beginning this process, we held no affiliations with ANY of these dating sites.It is clear that the people operating these dating sites care about their customers.Sure, they’re out to make a buck, but they do it the right way – by providing their customers a legitimate dating service.The ultimate goal was to set-up as many offline dates with women as possible.Preference was given to sites we were able to set-up the most dates with.Unfortunately, on ALL of the bottom-10 sites, we received tons of responses from bots.The methodical process we used to meet women was the same on each dating site.Having gained your trust, many people feel this is a genuine reason to send money to someone they have never met.Numerous prostitutes use online dating sites to solicit business.

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  2. It's popular: 48.3% of the respondents indicated that the main reason they used Tinder revolved around its popularity — the media hype or the fact that many of their peers were using it.

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