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Viridi told me about some dumb Christens who thought the raptor was cuming and I laffed. CHAP 2: PITTOO MEATS CHARICTURSthe smash manshon was a really big hoose with like a trillon roms and was alota stories tall I was intimanated by how big it wuz. It was like a robot except a persan was in it."hei their handsum boi," the robot person said."u think im handsum," i scof."yea ur the hottist boi ive ever cena."I thought it was Mastur Chef from Hallo but it wasnt but I didnt kno that so I klosed my eyes an mad our with the robot persan but when I open them its not Mastir Cheef but SAMAS ARIN! " Samas said "anf im a Christen so I want 2 convert u or else u will go to hell for bein gay."then Samas tried to rip me she took of my toga (I had a shit under so I wasnt topliss) adn my skirt which had skin tit shot-shots under it so I still wasnt nekkid."go awei! Luckily Link and Math and Bayenetta wear nearbi so they git hoses and ran up and came b4 it was to latte."stop being a strait conservativ Samas" Bayenetta said."yea, were feminasts so we want u to thik of the conseqiunces of ur on actins" Link said."but im a strait so im a anti-femanast and im not gonna lissen to u. butthen Marth grabbed Sams with his betti spaghezi arms and through her in teh boat off the mansen."r u ok" he asked."hahahhaha I triked u in too thikning I was a dood but im a gril" samas said."why do u do dis! He kissed my hand romanticlee."yea sorry I maed u do that""its ok Samas is a conservativ so she hadit cuming" Match said. He was like if the looks of Dorean and Chirs Effins were combined with the genus of Barock Oboma and Stevfin Colbear. My hare was short and blak and really silky."u hat conservativs to" I asked."yea me and Link and Bayenetta r all discovfered the wok of Darwin and becum Athists" Marth said."cool can I meat everyone elsa" I sad."ok" so I climed on Marth's hose and rod to the manshun and went in side.also will be trying to stay close to the original with tons of spelling errors to include keeping the first person view of the protagonist.if someone wants to transcribe it, fix the errors and upload it elsewhere (, wattpad, here, etc), you have my permission to do so)dark pit's the protagonist because the original idea spawned from a plot swap between republican marth fanfiction and liberal dark pit fanfiction.disclaimer: all of the characters in the story are going to be out of character.

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with that being said, i chose anarchistamerica to correspond with princessamerica's pen name.trigger warning for rape, bigotry and the like you find in the actual supper smash bros trollfic.] CHAP 1: MISSIUN FORM DARWINI was in my sighence class one dat when my conservativ teacher ms pandora was talkin about creationism."and tat is why hummus came form adam and eve and there is no evolution" she said.that's if you want.] Don't tell my dumb mom this but I need to spred the truth of God being fictionul on the internats and speak out agenst the capitulists destroying America.Also I didnt updaet yesterday becauz my mom forced me to go outcide and play with my annoyen brutter Pit. They were fancy aufentic geek sandels from zeppeli zanauti that cast my mom 00.Good thing i'm Darwin and I can evolve u cool powers and stuff."So Darwin gave me some power and I fell to sleep.When I woke up I was outside of the Smosh Manshun and had blak angle wings.Son boser was ded (I know its defet but ded sounds cooler). She blowed me a kiss (witch I dodged) and walked away. He still wasnt back for the daely show so I watched it with Clod Strafe instead. " I sad back."Wear is Marth" Maryo said."Hes in Subspas! Lusina an Roban shuld came to becauz Roban is Chrom's luver and Lusina and Marf's sister and Petch shuld tag alung as well and also Kerby and my bro Luegi and Sholk cuz hes an tru Athist" Mareo said.Tan Fowlco got a smash boll and sommened a gient tank called a landmastur and shat Zelda so she flu off and loosed. " Chrom snipped win the match was over and marth didnt retorn. When I went to slep at knif I hopped for marths safety. " Samas said."Stop Dark Pit ur 2 powerfol if u keep atakking Samas shell die and then well never find math! I new he had a point so I stapped using my elektoarm on Samas. I hopped that my luk wood gife me guidence and show me were Mart was."Pittoo! So we gathured everywan adn goto Subspas to fine Marth.So I tolled tem they wear an idiot for beleafing God is reel when HE IS NOT!!! Bowsar kepped brething fier at us and Falcu shit lazors form his gum because consirvativs beleafed in the sekond amendmint and took its massage out of proportun completly.Zelda tuned in2 Shek and thru nives at Bowsir and hit hem wif a chan. Clod hit her with his decksord to knuck her unconshus."Not Subspas that place is terriflying! " I said stenly."Well ned more people Choom will want 2 cum to save his sun and Lonk and Ike are Marth's bust pals.""no cuz evilusion arnt reel" ms pandora said."lol ur a morun" Darwin said and he stroked ms pandora with lightning and ms pandora ded."yay! " said all the Christens so Darwin stroked all them 2."okay now i ned to talk too Pittoo Darwin said."so everibuddy else leave.""ok" my classmates left The Room."Dark Pit ive ben watching u for sum tim," he said, "this wurld isnt the only on that exists.""for reel" I ask."yea doo u kno about video games.""yea I play dem with my bro and Viridi" (my bro is my brother and Viridi is my BFF forever and shes a PLA (Pretty Librul Athist) like me to)"well they are real because before i ded i discovered anotter unerivrse.""cool Darwin" i hi fived Darwin."ok but theres trubble.

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  1. When we meet somebody in person, we have hundreds of thousands of verbal and non-verbal clues to give us an intuitive grasp of who we’re talking to and whether or not we’re into them long before we go up and introduce ourselves.

  2. I just find it to be a lot of fun." One of The National Report's biggest ever stories was a scare about a US town being cordoned off with a deadly disease, and as Montgomery explains they've mastered the art of getting people to read and share their fake news offering.