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An incredible ressource for love designs, images, tutorials or ideas : « Valentine’s Day Design: Best Tutorials and Resources Roundup« . The team of the site Têtes à claques offers on its website a video on the theme of speed dating ! This is a really important information for the dating industry ! This post is mainly intended to webmasters who have basic notions in HTML and CSS and who are looking for a simple anti left mouse clic script for flash / swf objects. There are many ways you can promote your dating site to get more traffic and more signups.

The group 2L Multimedia , publisher of the dating site Easy Flirt (.com), bought Neocom’s dating activities. We have listed many resources for you to use as you wish.

Actors who can't act believe in themselves; and debtors who won't pay.

Believing utterly in one's self is a hysterical and superstitious belief like believing in Joanna Southcote [a self-proclaimed religious prophetess of the Victorian era]: the man who has it has "Hanwell" written on his face as it is written on that omnibus."And yet, sometimes it's healthy to pursue madness.

Compelling User to Cooperate Often, law will compel the user to consent to the service provider releasing records of communications.

Some recent cases have been compelling users to turn over, to their adversaries, their social media user ID and password.

Some service providers believe they can be compelled to turn over meta data but not message content.

An emerging class of social media services (, Yelp, Gowalla) collect and store not just messages, but also location information. See related post on deception in investigations on Facebook and other social networks. So the default at FB (at least for a user like me) is to send lots of text messages to my phone that refer to activity in my FB world.

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  1. The big dating companies are producing some of the best dating apps and evem the little guys are also finally heading towards mobile phone dating services and text message sites? it would appear that sms txt dating is seriously on its way on first glance.