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Procedure: As per protocol, D-7897 and SCP-2115-1-38 exchanged messages via SCP-2115 for two weeks, and was then asked to send the "meet" request.

Testing took place at Site-98's Observation Room-5.

SCP-2115-1-39 communicated using a device attached near to its anterior end.

Procedure: The procedure was the same as the previous experiments.

Addendum 2115-1: The following are excerpts of the application form needed to join SCP-2115.

For the full application form, please see Document 2115-01-AD.

The entity dematerialized before being contained by the Foundation.

Analysis: Following testing, SCP-2115-1-38 contacted D-7897 via her SCP-2115 account a total of 5 times, asking if they could meet again.Results: SCP-2115-1-38 remained silent for a period of approximately 3 minutes, following which it promptly apologized, claiming it is unused to speaking with non-robotic beings, and that it has only recently "assumed emotions".D-7897 and SCP-2115-1-38 talked about various topics, often interrupted by the entity's inquiries, mostly asking if the terms it was using were politically-correct.All text within SCP-2115 (including conversations) will be automatically translated in the language the users preferred in the application.SCP-2115-1 is the designation given to the non-human users of SCP-2115.Update: As of 201█/██/██, physical contact between Class-D personel and instances of SCP-2115-1 is prohibited.SCP-2115-1-97-A is to be contained in a Class-A Incubator at Site-98's Biological Wing.The proposals of further testing with SCP-2115-1-38 in the future and the exemption of D-7897 from monthly recycling are currently being considered.Subject(s): D-7903 (Female, 26), SCP-2115-1-39 Entity Description: SCP-2115-1-39 is a 2m long vermiform creature, violet in color, possessing 12 tentacle-like appendages.Should a user successfully enter in a relationship with an instance of SCP-2115-1, they will be able to send them a "meet" request.Should said instance accept, it will manifest within 25 seconds to 1 week, approximately 2m in front of the user.

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