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Of course you can also uninstall this package to restore normal i Tunes operations. The tweak is available for free in the Cydia store for jailbroken i Phones.A big problem potential jailbreakers face is that of updating too far to be supported by eventual tools.It also makes i Tunes think your device is always up to-date.Note: You can still restore your device by using standard recovery (home button on power on) or DFU mode recovery.Check inside for details on how it works…From the developers: This package blocks i Tunes from being able to put your device in Recovery mode.This prevents normal upgrades & restores, for example accidentally clicking Upgrade or Restore in i Tunes.

Can a port be blocked on my router, or some setting? As to port blocking, my bet is that the TV would then display, "limited connectivity" or the rather famous "Error Model Bind."For now, my choice is to turn off Smart Hub and use another device like the Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, etc.From the creator of Mi Time and Pushfix, comes another extremely useful utility!Recovery Guard is a new tool which prevents accidental upgrade and restore of your i Phone, i Pod Touch, and i Pad.Worst case, you can review your past purchases and find download links if you haven't hidden that download.Even then, you can go to your account and un-hide any hidden purchases.Apple has fixed this problem systematically in September 2013 by letting developers maintain older versions of their applications on the i Tunes store to support OS that are older than the current version.When you go to update an app and the store detects that your OS isn't the required OS and there is also an older version, you will see an alert and be able to select the older app for your older OS.Either through impatience, or by accident, I hear often that a user’s device is now on too high a firmware to enjoy the latest release.Fear not however, as there is a simple, stable, and foolproof way of blocking i OS from updating.Have you ever accidentally updated your jailbroken or unlocked i Device, leaving you without a jailbreak or unlock for weeks or even months?Well, there’s finally a solution to stop accidental updating.

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