Ramona singer dating rules

“Well my divorce was finally finalized in the fall, and I’m very happy because it really went well for me,” she told FOX411 during her and Sonja Morgan's RHONY Season 8 premiere party held at Beautique in New York Tuesday night.

In fact, Ramona’s pal said she ran into Tom at the Regency Hotel and still believed they were an item. Since then, local drama king Harry Dubin insinuated during Ramona’s housewarming party Tom and Missy kissed after the former got engaged to Lu Ann. Keeping all of that information in mind, Tom’s comments to Missy couldn’t be more inappropriate.The massive changes to Lu Ann’s life over the last five months make the season finale, "Thank You And Good Night," all the more awkward to watch.Although Lu Ann spends much of her first appearance gushing about her husband — "We’re still in our honeymoon phrase and he’s just added so much to my life! " — the truly uncomfortable part comes when she starts talking about co-star Ramona Singer’s now-ended marriage with Mario Singer.Even on the ladies’ vacation to Mexico, Lu Ann said "Tom," who was in no way present, was the best part of her trip.With Lu Ann finally rid of Tom, her tagline doesn't have to be about becoming a "Mrs." Instead, her next storyline can focus on becoming her own woman, free from the trappings of any man.Normally, they’re talking about the crazy nights and antics of celebrities, but on Sept. Grab your snow shovel, because there's a big storm a-brewin'!25, the hosts of The Gossip Table celebrated like Hollywood’s finest! With blizzard Nemo (unfortunately, we’re not talking about the Disney character here) set to arrive on the east coast this afternoon,...The scene is built around Lu Ann and Tom playing tennis and the pair pretending not to be competitive about the sport, despite the fact they’re placing bets and "playfully" arguing about the score."It’s not tension like when used to have tension when they played tennis," Lu Ann swears in a talking head interview.Although we all now know the controversial couple’s marriage is currently over, we’re still living in the past when it comes to season 9, which concluded Wednesday night on Bravo.Namely, we're living in early March 2016, as Instagram photos prove.

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