Rules for dating an aquarius man

Learn everything you need to know about your Aquarius man, including his secrets, weaknesses, and underlying motivations.Aquarius Man Secrets is a detailed exploration and in-depth guide full of tips, tricks and inside information on mysterious Aquarius men.His love of the unusual can get him into conflict, risky situations, and friendships with strange people.He is also likely to experiment with new experiences and drugs and if you live with an Aquarian man, be prepared to bail him out of trouble more than once.

This means your Aquarian man loves gadgets, technology, and science-based innovation.Honesty and the story behind appearances are extremely important to him.The Aquarian truth-teller seeks out new information and he will easily share his rather fixed opinions and observations.He is an energetic seeker of information and you can find great inspiration in the depth of his knowledge and his rational, open-minded way of thinking.Aquarius is ruled by the unconventional planet of change Uranus.If you are prepared to expect the unexpected then the Aquarius man can take you on a fascinating journey into an unusual love that is full of surprises and new experiences.Read on to discover some facts about the progressive, independent, analytical and truly original Aquarius man: As a fixed, masculine air sign, Aquarius man is assertive, original and inventive.He will also change the way you think and feel about love, commitment and just about everything else.Aquarius is the sign of hopes and dreams, friends and wishes and men born under this sign tend to be idealists humanitarians who are concerned with the larger issues of a better world but are aloof and airily detached in personal relationships.He gets bored very easily by traditional expectations and predictable responses.His unconventional views open him to attacks from prejudiced and conservative people and he can be quite stubborn defending his ideas.

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