Sexy webcam game

Players roll the die to move around the board, and are asked to choose cards from the two suggestive decks.

More » Find out what your lover truly desires with this luxurious couples game.An intimate, sexy couples game meant to turn up the heat in your relationship.Three levels of play as decided by the couple playing A Hot Affair, the cards include categories such as ' Intimate', ' Passionate', ' Steamy' and ' Fantasy'.More » A game that can be used for two couples or just you and your partner solo, Dirty Minds is a sexy game that gets everyone thinking they've got more on their mind than the events at hand.Not intended for those who blush easily, although definitely one of the more tame couples games on this list.More » Get to know your partner better through exciting, racy, daring and sometimes shocking questions and tasks, intended to bring the two of you closer together sexually, emotionally and romantically.The winner in turn asks their partner to fulfill their "ultimate desire" in adults-only fashion.The game play gets more risque as it moves forward, starting with merely answering questions and then slowly having players act out what they know, do or see.More » Based on the book by the same name, 1001 Nights of Grrrreat Sex focuses on connecting with your partner through secret, sealed surprises and sexual trivia.More » An adult game definitely meant for consenting adults over the age of majority, and intended for two players.Each person gets three stacks of cards (one each of Ooh, Mmm, and Ahh) and are asked to roll the dice to see just how long they'll do whatever the card they've pulled asked them to.

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