So your dating a vegan

These information were not given to me growing up which I know would have helped me.

I feel that I got deceived living the way I did before and would have made a compassionate choice earlier if I had known the truth. My daughter turned 4 months old on Friday and it has been so much fun reading your posts on Adriana – it is like a sneak peek into what lies in the weeks to come!

Pangea The Vegan Store offers products that are cruelty-free and manufactured in countries where labor laws and unions are in place to protect workers.

The website has a “homely” and positive feeling to it, and staff members share their personal picks from the variety of products featured on the website.

As veganism grows and expands to new and varied audiences, so does the amount of vegan products offered in today’s market.

I am the only Vegan in my household and I had at one point tried to get my daughters on the same, however, they started to complain and said that they really like meat and wanted it and cheese back in their diet.

I think that is totally the right attitude, I feel EXACTLY the same way.

Sometimes I think it would be easier if my husband had the same diet, but not fair of me to change who he is! I cook 100% vegan food, but like you, at birthday parties and grandmas and grandpas etc.

Vegan Cuts offers special discounted deals on a variety of vegan products and brands.

Upon signing up with Vegan Cuts, you will receive a special deal straight to your inbox once a week, or alternatively, you can browse the site for a variety of special deals from some of the hottest vegan brands and companies around.

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