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I was kissing & even pratically making out with them. Next thing I know I'm grinding against Sky on the dance floor. I ran to the bathroom & threw up the contents of my alchol consumption. My phone rang"He-hello" I slurred"Where the hell are you? Kay, yeah thanks" I closed my eyes Sky took the phone out of my hands"I'm taking her home right now" Sky picked me up as he said it in to the phone. Just give me her & I'll get her to bed" Campbell said"Bye Sky!

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She was born on November 13, 1995, in San Diego, California, the United States to Greg Hudgens, father, and Gina Guanco, mother.You two better make up & be best mates again." I told both of them"It's not your-" I cut him off"Jesus Christ Campbell! " Sky exclaimed I shrugged my shoulders & downed it. Besides, she also dated actors, Beau Brooks and Alec Holden for a brief period of time. Stella Hudges makes a good amount of money from her acting professions.Though her net worth and salary are not known, she is regarded as one of the finely paid actors.Before reading go to Strawberry Ange143 go to Cody Simpson Oneshots skip to Chapter9 and read ONLY chapter 9 Izzy & Alexis are now in a battle for his heart But someone else besides Izzy is butting in. You don't have to respect her but at least treat her with respect! Alexis's POVI saw Campbell glare at him"Don't talk to her that way! " I repeated to myself"I wouldn't be talking man whore! " She said in my face"Since I died inside hun, where have you been? " He asked"Yeah, just a bunch of BS" I looked at the ground I felt my phone buzz. She always made me feel better"Hey Gabi" I answered"Listen, Alexis don't hang up! You cheated on her with Kylie Jenner & Stella Hudgens! " Campbell told Cody as he stood up"Campbell stop before you make things any worse. " I glanced over my shoulder"I hope you fucking rot in hell" Alli remarked"Oh but aren't I all ready? " It was Cody"Fuck off" I hung up"I'm guessing it wasn't Gabi" Sky smirked"Good guess. I just couldn't ruin your life, with your swimming & ... She wrote about how scared she was, when we broke up, the baby's health, and the abortion.

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