Torrie wilson dating john cena

The Rock-I have respect but please retire, stay away do not give wwe a bunch of broken promises. Nikki Bella-Useless, catty whining * don't like her at all and never will! Great things will happen, if you work hard plan and simple. Eve sees something devastating to her before tragedy strikes in the worse way.however her soul is in need of vengeance and all who harmed her must suffer Nikhole Cena had no clue that her mom would ship her off with her dad for the summer. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Thank you for taking the time to read my profile :) thank to all that have read and reviewed my stories over the years I really do appericate it : D I love to read, and know that my hard work is being appreciated. Cody assists Shane Mc Mahon in his hostile takeover of WWE but at what Cost. Eve and john have been together for two years but johns job is putting a strain on their relationship.8 WWE Superstars are invited to the grand opening of a new haunted house on Halloween Night, and show up in front of an old building. Growing up, Matt has developed a major crush on Amy. Louis for a house show after their plane gets canceled do to rain but what happens when they get a flat tire and enter a haunted warehouse? John decides to start a new life after he shaked hands with Brock, the man John thought killed Torrie. After a house show gets cancelled due to bad weather conditions the superstars are bored not knowing what to do.Will he be able to tell her straight at a Valentine's day party? The superstars decide to challenge the divas to a game of cards but things get really heated! So excited that Supernatural already has already been picked up for a new season, season 11! Gail/Maryse/Melina/Stacy Ted has always been like a brother to Cody, but while Ted continues to get pushed toward Superstardom, Cody becomes even more enraged and jealous. Snow-She does more than in the story books, I love her & Charming! what a family, and I can't choose which one I love more..I can, its Dean! They had nothing in common until the day life surprises them and they find themselves sharing the same gift - for some, a blessing in disguise.

One fearless lady :) My Baby as creative goes is "Be Mine Forever" this story means so much to me, I am overwhelming by how much love it gets. Follow through the lives of college students as they each find out who they are. Love is found in the heart of John Cena & Torrie Wilson. But with the high weather conditions, will he get there in time? Will John Cena regret surprising Torrie on Halloween Night? Plenty has happened over the years and there's still plenty more to come. The Beautiful Torrie Wilson wants to do something special for her beau John Cena. On the night of Survivor Series, John Cena's career hangs in the balance. But Trish will soon realize getting her old life back isn't easy. Trish/Jeff/Candice Back in The Hills once again, Just Nine years later. Nexus won't bow out silently.23rd April has always been a special day, year 2012 is no different. AJ Lee-Goodness, gracious this girl should be the next diva of the decade, she is just kick ass! Just bare with me, and stay along for the ride, it could be days, weeks even years but I will always be a part of this. After a car crash, Randy and John are left in the hospital. Will summer change everything for Nikhole and her dad or will it make it worse? That is, until she reconnects with her old friend, John Cena, just when he needs her. He walks into his physical therapy office in Minnesota and meets a very cute girl and winds up falling for her. On his death bed the king gives a young soldier a quest that could save the kingdom from the dark times ahead. I do Wish I could say that I could write more but life can get extremely busy, but I do promise that I will never leave Fanfiction. John Cena, Torrie Wilson, Randy/Stacy Maria/Jeff Cody/Layla Sheamus/Trish other characters include Cm punk/Aj Lee/Ashley/Candice/Ted/Edge/Christian/Eve/ Lots of characters and stories within a story : Eve Torres is in for the ride of her life when her family moves to Beverly Hills where the young girl encounters new faces, develops friendships, falls in love and that is only the tip of the iceberg - Multi-couples - Eve, Kelly, Maryse, Cody, Ted, Evan, Nikki, Tiffany, Dolph, Jack, Torrie, John, Stacy, Randy & more. Not only does she not talk with her dad,she hasn't seen him since she was 9. Sheamus-Always Had a soft spot for the fighting irish fella Bray Wyatt-He is the new face of fear! John Cena, Randy Orton, Ken Kennedy, Trish Stratus, Michelle Mc Cool, Stacy Keibler, Torrie Wilson, Candice Michelle. Planned to be a Relaxing Holiday but with WWE Superstars involved Who knows what Could Happen. I am a Jorrie Girl for life :) All is just creative writing! How do these teens manage to cope with all this high school drama. Their two daughters both want the same doll house but there is only one. A group off WWE Superstars and Divas decide to take a trip to the Beautiful Country of South Africato take in the Sights. Fairytales, storybooks coming true i mean what can be better! Hook-Devilishly Handsome Pirate Emma Swan-Saviour Ariel-I wish she was involved more, since she is my favourite princess! My heart flutters with love when I see them together. Hook & Emma (Captain Swan) My Heart love these two! what girl wouldn't want be saved by two gorgeous hunters named Dean & Sam & an asskicking Angel called Castiel : D I love them all! Jorrie= Hercules & Meg :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Supernatural-I'm a #Supernatural Darling I love this series!Torrie/John, Mentions of Jeff/Maria and hints of Randy/Candice Candice and Chris were 15 years old and they loved each other the moment their eyes met but have to be separated when Chris moves away. The date seems to go well but when Kelly begins to fall, will Chris return the feelings? Abiding Flame After one of the bloodiest underground wars the city of New York had ever experienced, the three rival gangs must put aside years of bad blood to unite against an invading force from across the turnpike which threatens to put all of them out of business. Torrie and John like each other,but torrie is scared to show her feelings because he is dating Ashley Massaro. When Randy Orton decides to try and help keep the longlegged diva safe from Test, will they fall in love in the process? Mischievious Carlito has something up his sleeve as tension builds backstage on Smackdown as roster cuts are due. Then Randy decides he wants Stacy Keibler, the only girl in school who isn’t impressed with him. But when her secret comes out, will they be able to help her before it's too late. It’s here one night stand, a day of reckoning for the wwe champion John Cena when he goes one on one with the Great Khali in a falls count anywhere match what happens when the fight spills into the women’s locker room find out?Years pass until they finally meet again in the WWE, do they still have that love they once had? Matt, Jeff and Amy have been best friends ever since they were little kids. Technically, Torrie Wilson is a member of the royal family, but no one treats her that way...until she meets King Mc Manian's best fighter, simply known as the Champ... When Vince decides to give the Superstars hell, they come up with a plan to blow him out of the water. Or will their bickering bring their genious plan to a screeching halt? John Cena, Torrie Wilson, Randy Orton, and Stacy Keibler have to drive from Boston to St. Gosh, I really do suck at summaries He was the most popular boy in the whole of Hemery High. The wwe champ John Cena has always been attracted to bad girls but when he falls for bad girl Torrie could he be over his head what happens when Vince puts them in a Wrestlemania 23 commercial together what will happen and is there a soft nice heart insid Thanks to Torrie Wilson Carlito and Ric Flair win the tag team titles off John Cena and Shawn Michaels, but what happens when Ric and Carlito turn on Torrie will the wwe champ and the Heart break kid come to the aid of the woman who cost them the titles.

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