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I choose “Remove from i Phone” since I wanted to “clean” my library on my device.Next I got this warning: This warning was also expected because of my first choice.With i Cloud Photo Library turned on across all of your devices, you have access to every picture you've ever taken and stored in i Cloud, including older photos, pictures you've uploaded to the Photos app from a DSLR camera, and videos you've taken since your baby’s birth.i Photo is a great picture management app, but you may still occasionally want to access the original picture files for a variety of purposes, either to import them into another app or for backup purposes. And yes, I know, this piece of i OS is still in beta.

In a nutshell, i Cloud Photo Library is Apple's newest photo service that lets you sync all of your images across all your devices and to i Cloud.i Cloud Photo Library supports several photo and video formats, storing photos in their original format, and it makes all of your media available on any device that has i Cloud Photo Library turned on.This how-to will walk you through how to turn i Cloud Photo Library on for each of your devices and how to minimize the space your photos take up on each device.Follow the steps above for any computer you wish to store and access the i Cloud Photo Library from.On i OS: Now all of your photos and videos (not just the most recent 30 days worth, or 100 photos) will be available across all of your devices.Additional features such as creating books, cards, calendars, and slideshows, last imported albums, and Faces Tiles and data will only be available on computers they were originally created on.You can keep the amount of pictures stored on a mobile device or computer with limited storage to a minimum.The 200GB storage plan costs .99 per month, while the 500GB plan costs .99 per month and the 1TB plan costs .99 per month.Be sure that all devices you wish to sync photos and videos on are signed in using the same Apple ID.i Photo pictures are stored within the home /Pictures/ directory, in a file called i Photo Library.But with newer versions of i Photo, i Photo Library became a package file rather than a folder, so in order to access the original picture files you have to go one step further in one of two locations: i Photo 11 (9.0) Photo Library Storage Location: In the latest versions of i Photo you will find your pictures stored in the user library Pictures folder inside a self contained Iphoto library package, that file and location is the following: Picture Organization by /Year/Month/Date/ Regardless of the version of i Photo, the pictures are stored and organized by folders based on dates, broken down by year, month, and day.

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