Updating my address book worm report cash liquidating distributions

The status, basically will be filled out with my progress using “written”, “edited”, and “posted” with empty bullet points and as I go through the stages of writing it, I’ll fill those bullets in.

Though I’d recommend not going straight to You Tube if you’re new to bullet journaling because it can get quite overwhelming.) To me, it’s basically a notebook you can design/customize to suit your needs. It may have been a *slight* (hahahhaha understatement of the year) pain to draw the calendars out, but the end result is pretty great! ) I myself don’t participate in many reading challenges, but there are endless ways you could use your bullet journal to keep track of reading challenges!

) but I didn’t like how I had so little space for book titles?? I can hardly remember my own name, okay how am I supposed to figure out what book I’m talking about when it’s called something like ??? Of course, I changed my layout for November and this month as well, to better accommodate the titles!

No one has time to decipher what IFNT*** stands for. I’ve left this page pretty blank, just with a header at the top of the page that goes with my theme and the title of the page, leaving most of the space empty–allowing for it to become whatever I need it to be.

I’ve organized it by having the post title, the type of post it will be (discussion, review, meme, list? I varied my layouts from month to month, but the key elements usually stayed the same.

) and the planned date, which can be left blank if I don’t know, or can be a month, or a very specific date. This horribly grainy photo is the setup I originally started out with, back in , I used more of a boxed effect, with a calendar at the top left, stats box underneath, my schedule on the right, and then an ideas box below that.

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