Wade robson and britney spears dating

In October, Britney was seen in London wearing a T-shirt that read, "Dump Him," which provoked some to insist it was a message to Timberlake's alleged current girlfriend, actress Alyssa Milano, though the popular sloganeering top is readily available at many retail shops.

And she was also spotted hanging around Timberlake's supposed rival, Backstreet Boy Nick Carter.

Although Timberlake has professed that nearly every career choice is his own, he told a "TRL" audience on the day the video premiered that the idea for the "Cry Me a River" clip came from director Francis Lawrence.

And while the clip's sentiment that Britney cheated on Justin (with choreographer Wade Robson, Us says, but Robson denies it) might be unmistakable to some fans, the 'NSYNC singer skirted around what everyone wanted to hear by saying, "The video is not about her.

He began performing as a dancer at the age of five.

He has directed music videos and world tours for numerous music artists such as NSYNC and Britney Spears.

Neither Spears nor Timberlake's spokespeople would comment on the article.Fed to write this on a bathroom wall: "Today I'm a free man - Fuck a wife, give me my kids, bitch!" · After the famous shaving her head incident, "she stayed up for 48 hours straight, driving around, sucking down dozens of Red Bulls, afraid that she was being followed by demons, or that a cell-phone charger was taping her thoughts." · During rehearsals for the 2007 VMAs, Justin Timberlake tried to mend fences with Britney by knocking on her dressing room door.The video is about me." Spears, meanwhile, won't fess up to the connection either.Calling in to "TRL" on Friday, she denied there was even a resemblance between herself and her supposed doppelganger.[Britney denies this] · In 2000, Britney covered the Rolling Stones' classic "Satisfaction." But when "she found herself in an elevator with Mick Jagger, she had no idea who he was." · In 2002, Justin Timberlake broke up with Britney after finding "a mash note" written by Wade Robson in her dressing room, just hours before they were set to perform on .· Britney's original concept for the "Everytime" video was for her "to die in an overflowing bathtub with pills and booze strewn around, and get reincarnated as a baby." · During the time that he was a fixture on the L. club scene, Kevin Federline's nickname was "Meat Pole." · Britney asked for her divorce from Federline via text message, which prompted K."We're just going to continue to take the high road," a Spears rep told Us, and neither camp returned MTV News' calls by press time.In the two and a half years since Us magazine increased its frequency to become Us Weekly, the publication has garnered a reputation for running fantastic headlines without any confirmation from the parties involved.Another family source said that Britney and her mom, Lynne, are having a good chuckle over the whole thing.While the Us Weekly article chiefly focuses on the "Cry Me a River" video to support its cover claim, other munitions incidents are cited.

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