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Perhaps the most famous one of all-time involved Yankees great Joe Di Maggio, whose greatest achievement on the diamond — a 56-game hitting streak — ended 74 years ago today.

So, in honor of The Yankee Clipper, here are some of the most memorable baseball player/celebrity relationships, starting with the one that started them all: His Significant Other: Marilyn Monroe Legendary slugger Joe Di Maggio and blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe famously met back in 1952 and supposedly spent the first night together.

Di Maggio would continue to send flowers to her grave until he passed away in 1999.

NEW YORK -- Jerry Manuel was taken aback as he trotted back to the dugout after batting practice before Saturday's game. An avid baseball fan (she has her own blog at as well as being a Dodgers season-ticket holder), Milano was taken aback at the homage that Citi Field pays to Ebbets Field.

I think I’ll always be in show business somehow.” A regular teen queen, Milano has had her face on countless fan magazines.

She repeatedly has disclosed her favorite food (Italian), favorite colors (pink and blue), favorite show (“Family Ties”) and favorite bands (Police, the Jets, Five Star and Genesis).

Sure, not everything goes well in the romantic fields of war (as you’ll see below), but no other sport has elicited as many athlete-celebrity relationships as Major League Baseball.Now that Samantha is a teenager, the writers are making her more feminine and less into sports and all.“It’s pretty logical that the character changed, because you really aren’t a tomboy after you’re 13. Besides, this way there can be some interesting situations with Sam and boyfriends, instead of Sam and a hockey puck.” In real life, Milano has been dating 15-year-old actor Corey Haim, who starred in the critically acclaimed movie “Lucas.” They were introduced by a mutual friend and “hit it off immediately,” she said.The pair eloped in January of 1954, but the relationship was rocky at best.Di Maggio’s son recalled one incident in which things got physical between the famous couple. After a few minutes, I heard Marilyn race down the stairs and out the front door, and my father running after her.“I find it easier to have friends who are in the business because they understand why you can’t go to the movies or out bike riding.If they’re not in the business, you never know if they just like you because you’re on `Who’s the Boss? I suppose it is a shame that I don’t have a more diverse range of friends, but I’m happy with the ones I’ve got.” Milano started her career five years ago as one of the orphan waifs in a road-show production of “Annie.” She traveled for a year and a half with the musical, moving on to more theater work. When I came out here, I just felt that I was born in the wrong place.” Milano, who is in her first year of high school, hasn’t been to school on a regular basis since sixth grade.“They’re both so different that I think they’d be interesting and challenging to learn,” she said.“But I don’t think I’d ever want to give up being an actress completely.Her favorite subject is algebra, though she said she’s not very good at it.She plans to attend the University of California at Los Angeles, where she wants to study psychology and cinematography.

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