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But I do feel better about being the way that I am because there's more support around it. That translates into the sensationalist lives that characters on-screen are supposed to have, so the representation of women is still very limited.I've always in my career played women who weren't having the typical female experience. I do feel like there are more weirdos—those characters are more embraced now. I don't know that women are being given the opportunities to play .at the time — she and Du Vall did land on the cover of the July 2000 issue."If kids in high school would see this movie and feel comfortable about falling for a person, and it's irrelevant what sex they're falling for, that would be the ultimate response to the movie." Mainstream may have been out, but having a message was still in.

That makes me feel a lot better, even though I still have struggles because every woman does, because of the stupid world we live in.She wasn't even that cute anyway,” Du Vall joked of the scene partner, who she did not identify by name.But filming again with Lyonne and fellow we were like friends and that was great.“And if I wanted to have that much control over it, I should just do it myself.” , follows three couples who embark on a weekend trip together to Savannah, Ga.This getaway is then revealed to be an intervention on behalf of one of the couples, which sparks each character’s sorting of emotional baggage.And the second we started working together, it was like we were at each other’s throats and fighting all the time … Du Vall has had a diverse acting résumé that ranges from Oscar-winning films like When asked by an audience member why she chose the parts that she chose, Du Vall essentially summed up The Bechdel Test."I always look for women who are not the kind of stereotypical women, because generally in TV or film, the woman is there because of the man or for the man, and there is a real gender role thing at play there that in my life is not interesting to me, obviously," she said.spoke with Lynskey and Du Vall in Los Angeles about their collaboration and being a woman in Hollywood today.I was so close to the script, obviously, and I had an experience on another film where I had to take on a lot more than an actor normally has to and I really enjoyed that.Du Vall wrote the film with Lynskey in mind, and added Lynskey's real-life partner, Jason Ritter, as well as Ben Schwartz and Alia Shawkat, to the ensemble.Intimate and funny, the movie allows its characters to be flawed and human.

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