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Be sure to tell the tax office if the child is continuing in education as Child Tax Credit will usually stop after the 1st September following their 16th birthday.

So, the reduced amount of the child element - £1,402.60 plus the family element - £545We’re going to work out 41% of the ‘excess’ income and then subtract that from our total starting tax credits.

They believe that parties are necessary for democratic gov't; at the same time, they think parties are somehow obstructionist and not to be trusted.

Nominating Candidates- Without political parties, voters would confront a bewildering array of self-nominated candidates, each seeking votes on the basis of personal friendships, celebrity status, or name recognition.

Structuring the Voting Choice- Political parties also help democratic government by structuring the voting choice- reducing the number of candidates on the ballot to those who have a realistic chance of winning.

Your household income typically needs to be below £32,200 to be eligible, but some households can still get payouts where there are many children, disabled children or either you or your partner has a disability.

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