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I had no clue, I was still navigating the dating waters,” Abel says.

“I ended up remarrying 15 months after my late wife died, but the questions still kept coming in, so I wrote the books.” Abel says that it’s usually widowers (men) who start dating before they are ready to.

He’s already familiar with the unwanted journey so if you cry for your husband, he can relate.

If you leave up his pictures, more than likely, he does too. Keep in mind that widowers are human too and although he may not be THAT guy, at least you gave it a chance. But heck, I was upset when I was dating non-widowers, like the one who used me like a rubber band to the point where he introduced me to his married client who I befriended, only to find out he was having an affair with her (and the list goes on).

If he asks you if you own one (which would be a bit awkward), that’s another story, just go with the flow.

But please, do not let him know that you’re a member of any senior discount card clubs – not yet anyway. If you’re a woman of faith and are seeking to remarry, be specific in your prayers.

“Widows (women) don’t usually start dating until they emotionally get better, while widowers think they can fix the hole in their heart by dating again,” he explains.

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Tip 8: If he’s younger, don’t show him your Senior Discount card (or let him know you have one) 🙂Let’s face it, you may have a Medical, Prescription, or even a rental discount card in your wallet.You miss him dearly but you desire a husband, a mate, your .It’s been too long without a date and you’re getting older.You want the hand-holding, movie outing, and bear-hugging-type dates. You’ve tried yoga, Planet Fitness, Home Owners Association meetings and you’ve even stooped so far as to rejoining bereavement groups, just for the possibility of bumping into a potential mate – and nothing. As a widow of five years, and a widow who has had my share of dating since his death, I feel I can share a thing or two about dating so I’ve developed these ten tips for the older widow to help you along the journey of dating. Please don’t feel that you have to pretend to be someone you’re not. Yes, lying about your age may give you a better chance at getting a date. Yes, you may feel youthful, sexy and carefree but, you’re lying.You’re an empty-nester and the house is just too big (or too small) for just one person. You’ve tried blind dates, online dating, speed dating and even church. What if the relationship thrives and you both fall in love? Remember, honesty in a relationship can make or break it. Widowers may ‘get it’ long before a non-widower does.I could be myself, tears and all – and he understood every bit of it. Being able to identify with someone through an intelligent, funny, and adult conversation is the sexiest thing close to sex itself. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the company of a youthful man.He could teach you a thing or two about the latest urban slang, the coolest emoji, and the newest Social Media app.Gather your emotions and write down a list of ‘whatnots’ prior to the date. Your rekindled memories may spark certain feelings for his late wife – he may not want that. It took me a year to accept the advances from a guy who was shorter than I.Certain impressions may also make or break the date. He was very mature for his age and a great singer, too!And you may even be encouraged enough to change your wardrobe to something a bit more younger, not slutty, but try adding new accessories or even wearing dresses instead of jeans, yoga pants or slacks when meeting for a date.Try changing up your appearance and your makeup and try looking at life from a Millennial or Generation Xer’s point of view (not necessarily changing yours but be an ear to theirs).

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