World of warcraft updating add ons

Your WTF folder should be untouched, which is where all your settings are.

Just in case, you should copy your WTF folder somewhere else on your computer before installing Twitch.

Simply redirecting isn't even likely to work, because there are going to be such things as version checks.

And quite possibly fundamental changes to how it communicates.

The manual editing fix from earlier The Simulation Craft addon is not properly retrieving artifact data in the game client updates today.

I have the old curse client and it's showing DBM 7.3.7 as the most recent version when 7.3.12 has been uploaded to curseforge.

the client loads fine for me, reports no issues and when I check for updates it says there aren't any.

the only clue of anything off at all is that no addons have updates available for a couple of weeks now is there any way to redirect the client to the new servers without having to download twitch?

seems pretty stupid to have to download a streaming program in order to install addons when I've zero interest in streaming Then consider the Minion client for Wowinterface, or a repository where you can use a client such as Git. Seems more stubborn than anything, refusing to use the new client.

- Remember that when you are asking about "the best UI", while people can point you to the mod they prefer, it is just that, a personal preference. Person B doesn't like Mod/Compilation X, they prefer Mod/Compilation Y.

Person C uses stand-alones only, and mixes and matches to get their desired result, etc and so on ...

yes, it will take over all your addons and settings.

You should take some time to go through all the various settings of the client though..

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