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Crown Princess Victoria first met Mr Westling during a session in his Stockholm gym. She had begun training to fill her empty hours, and to help overcome a serious eating disorder.

They met every day for years for lengthy sessions, and although the Brigadier General has been discreet to the point of being secretive, he has disclosed that Mr Westling was extremely ambitious and attentive.His precious daughter was lined up for a Danish prince with impeccable lineage and the king was determined not to admit a tongue-tied commoner from the forests into the royal fold.The pressure was so great that in 2004 their relationship entered a crisis that nearly ended it. Mr Westling learnt enough etiquette to get by in high society, with the assistance of a committee of courtiers who were dubbed "prince's school"."He is fascinated by history, especially Swedish royal history," the courtier said with avuncular pride.The engagement photographs sold in Stockholm's gift shops, alongside Viking figurines brandishing battleaxes and souvenir trolls, show the change now the jeans and baseball cap are gone.Relicensing Survey Overview (PDF) The Power Point presentation describes the purpose and core elements of the GACH Relicensing Survey, its relationship to other current surveys, survey team compositions, and CDPH pilot testing and implementation.It also includes links to survey documents.(Revised 5-5-2016)Process Guidance (PDF)The Process Guidance document provides the regulatory authority for the GACH Relicensing Survey, the design of the survey protocols, methods of information gathering for the surveyors, and the mechanics of surveyors’ non-compliance decisions.In the picture Daniel and Victoria make a glamorous, handsome couple, clearly smitten with each other.Seasoned royal watchers have been astonished by Mr Westling's evolution into a prince.Even worse there was his rural accent, the subject of cruel jokes among Victoria's blue blood friends – the so-called Stureplan brats from Stockholm's answer to Sloane Square.Her father, the authoritarian King Carl XVI Gustav, 64, was dead set against their relationship.

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