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Xml Validating Reader I have troubles validating XML files with key/keyref constraints. To give a brief explanation of what I'm trying to do, the schema 1 is a schema that is coming from a third party. The problem comes into light when a document based upon schema 1 has an element outside of any namespace.Here´s my schema: Xml Validating Reader too sensitive? I have the following schemas (simplified) and xml file which validate fine in xmlspy, but blow up in xmlvalidatingreader with: ' The ' Hierarchy' element is not declared. Even though I qualify the tag, as in Schema Collection and Xml Validating Reader Can anyone answer this question - or tell me if it's possible?OPERATION=homearea_xml&DB=global&Web CT ID=rodgersn_its_main&AUTH=ee09aabc77ef593917a60720f167c733" and result = req. I apologize for the FAQ, but where is the FAQ Thank you and havea great day Peter Hi there's no FAQ but you may search the archive. Hi I am encoutering a problem during the validation of an XML document when using ' Xml Validing Reader'. I have a schema ' Document.xsd' which is imported into a further schema ' Derived Document.xsd'.Easiest way is Ron's add-in: Regards Frank Kabel Frankfurt, Germany Peter wrote: groups. Our xml sample ' Instancedoc.xml' uses ' Derived Document.xsd' as its schema.Validation Error: The ' Name' element is not declared.An error occurred at file:///d:/xml/config.xml, (4, 4).----------the error at file:///d:/xml/config.xml, (4, 4). Anytime I get a validation error for every possible piece of XML in my instance document, I ask myself a question: did I really load an XML schema, at all?Because I have to figure that if I'm validating an instance document against an XML schema without any declarations (i.e., an empty one), these are precisely the sorts of validation errors I'd expect. Add(null, str Xsd); These lines _would_ work (and you're right on, passing null to indicate that the schema targets no namespace), except that the Xml Schema Collection, sc, is entirely disconnected from any of the other variables found in this method.

Position = 0; reader = new Xml Text Reader(fs); Reset State doesn't appear to reset the state. Hi all, I'm quite desperate after so much time of frustration trying to validate an xml doc with a schema using Xml Validating Reader. Public Shared Sub Validate Document(business Document As Xml Document, schema Strong Name As String) ' Constants Const PARTS_IN_SCHEMA_STRONG_NAME As Integer = 2 Const PART_CLASS_NAME As Integer = 0 Const PART_QUALIFIED_ASSEMBLY_NAME As Integer = 1 ' Parse schema strong name Dim assem...

Then I add both the dtd and an file (which is all the entities defined in xml format). Add (null, dtd File) - I get an exception saying that Doctype is not defined. Xml Validating Reader and Xml Resolver problems Hi, I need some help...

Im trying to use Xml Validating Parser with a custom Xml Resolver.

The 'answer' was that the schema was never 'read' and considering the weak XML related documentation included in the MSDN library, I might never have 'figured' it out, if it hadn't been for your kindness. Thanks, Will "Derek Harmon" while (validating Reader. Source Uri = str Xsd; Xml Validating Reader validating Reader = new Xml Validating Reader( new Xml Text Reader( str Xml)); validating Reader.

Read()); Not overkill, but it can be shortened by one-line into, Xml Schema schema = validating Reader. Validation Event Handler = new Validation Event Handler( Validation Call Back); while (validating Reader. Source Uri = str Xsd; but that's getting a bit flamboyant for my tastes.

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