Xp network icon not updating

The problem, however, is that your computer cannot communicate with these hardware devices on its own, and this is where wireless and network drivers come in.

Wireless and network drivers are software programs installed on your hard disk that allow your operating system to communicate with your wireless and network adapters.

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Wireless and Network Drivers are specific to your operating system so if you change Operating Systems you must update your Network Drivers.

hi all, i just want to show/hide the my computer,my documents icons from desktop. you see there how to check/ uncheck the desktop icons. question: by right clicking the relevant item on desktop give us the name of the computer. but if does not appear on the desktop i cannot ask him that.

go to desktop tab, then hit customize desktop, then go to general tab. i have a question that i need to ask someone( i work on a certification project that test people's knowledge of windows).

how to do it in the registry: hide / show my computer icon on desktop : that does not work here is what you need to do to remove my computer from the start menu and the desktop , open a new notepad and copy and paste what is below into it : '---------------------------------- That will get rid of them ( however before you run the registry edit I would go to that key to save a copy of it before you alter it that way you know how to undo it to make my computer re appear back in the start menu and the desktop. All this can be easily achieved in a few lines of code using WMI. He doesn't mean it refering to any type of school activities.

hide show my documents on desktop : / show IE icon on desktop : that you know what the registry edits are to disable / get rid of the icons all you have to do is use registry edits in visual basic to alter the values as you please, taking into consideration the site below for an example in visual basic on how to modify the registry: are simplified ways of altering the registry by using regread, regwrite, regdelete etc as well and I am sure you can also use wmi for altering the registry, if you need further help please post back. Based on gecko's suggestion with the registry access. :) 'Example: '**************** 'Module code '**************** Option Explicit Dim obj WMIService As Object, col Process As Object Public Sub do Reboot(str Process As String) Dim obj Process Dim str Computer As String, str Process Kill As String str Computer = Environ$("COMPUTERNAME") '// current computer str Process Kill = "'" & str Process & "'" '// Don't attempt to modify this line the ' ' are important. \elect * from Win32_Process Where Name = " & str Process Kill) For Each obj Process In col Process obj Process. Next Shell str Process, vb Hide Set obj WMIService = Nothing '// clean up memory Set col Process = Nothing End Sub '**************** 'Form code '**************** Private Sub Command1_Click() do Reboot ("explorer.exe") End Sub THANKS A LOT FOR YOUR ANSWER. AT THE MOMENT I HAVE THIS HUGE URGENT NEED FOR HELP FOR THIS QUESTION THAT IT IS ALSO POSTED ON EE SITE.

To connect to a network, you need a network or wireless adapter.Not being able to connect to the Internet can seem catastrophic, especially if you love to be connected 24/7.However, what appears to be a serious predicament may actually be just a minor glitch. In fact, you can troubleshoot most Wireless and Network Driver problems in a matter of minutes.We recommend that you clear all check boxes for file names that do not have user-friendly names and see whether the problem is resolved when you restart your computer.This document, titled "Windows XP - My desktop icons and taskbar are missing," is available under the Creative Commons license. if you do right click on desktop(win xp) and then properties, display properties window is shown.hope you get mi point thanks I did a search on: on my registry using win xp which was mentioned from the link gecko provided and it found this specific key value for the current user, I tested this and it works fine for me.In addition, you can fix annoying wireless and network driver errors using a driver a management tool even if you are not tech-savvy.Download and install a reliable driver management tool and run a driver scan on your computer to fix wireless and network driver problems and other driver errors.Even without major changes, Wireless & Network Drivers update all the time and you should make sure you are always running the updated version.To automate these updates you can download driver update software or to troubleshoot the problem yourself, read the article below.

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